Our worlds constantly change. You experience both good and bad. What matters is how we react to those changes. We sometimes choose to stay still and stay in the past whilst everyone around us moves on. Don’t sit and let the world change whilst you stay the same. Embrace the change and seek out the benefits of that change.
Whilst you may think this is an impossibility it isn’t, it’s a choice. Granted sometimes it is an unconscious choice – but still a choice.
When we meditate (pray) and become more entwined with our inner consciousness we become more aware of our unconscious choices. This allows us to identify them quickly and change them. Inner healing comes from being in tune with your inner consciousness. Cultivate your awareness of this and learn to make the changes required quicker, with less pain and more ease. Never try and combat pain with pain or hate with hate, face your adversities with love.
Love is pure, the more love you cultivate the more love will gravitate towards

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Self Investment.


How do you think when you spend your money?

Do you see it as a spending spree? An impulse buy? A treat?
Or do you see it as an investment in yourself?

When you invest in yourself you are telling yourself what you are worth.

What you spend your money when you spend it on yourself it on directly reflects on your thoughts and feelings at the time of spending.

You work hard for your money, you put in hours of labour, no matter what kind of work you do you earnt it and the money you accept for that work is a reflection of how you value yourself.

When you invest your money in someone else’s services or product how much you pay for that service or product is you telling them what they are worth and that you value their service or product.

Invest in yourself to your true value, make sure that what you pay for is a direct reflection of yours and your suppliers value to you.

Remember that when you but a product or service you are paying for the thou sounds of design ideas, the hours of hours that it took your provider to be able to provide the service or product. You are paying for hours and hours of hard work and the many failures it took to bring that service or product into fruition.

When you invest your hard earned money ask yourself:

Do I need this?
Do I want this?
Is it a reflection of my true value?

Is the product or service of the standard I deserve?

Often when we buy cheap it becomes an false economy. But a £9.99 iron and it will last a few weeks before the the cable curls. Invest in a well made iron that is made with attention to detail and to rugged standards it might cost a little more but it will last for ever… But be wary the most expensive product or service is not always the best.

Whatever you spend it on it should be classed as an investment. Whether it’s a product or service what you spend is an investment in you.

Here’s the best part…

People take care of money, they take care of products and they are generally mindful of what they spend their cash on but now think of it like this…

How you spend your thoughts, feelings and emotions, what you feed yourself and your loved ones, how you look after your health is the biggest kind of self investment there is.

So be careful how you spend these.

Invest your emotions on people who appreciate them, invest in quality food, invest in your health, invest in your happiness,
invest your love wisely.

Your health, happiness, emotional state and love are of value, you are of value, invest in yourself wisely.

Peter x

Creative People

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There are few things about creative people that creative people should know. Most people who are creative; writers, artists, singers, dancers, sculptors, song writers, filmmakers and a plethora of other creatives and that is that they suffer. They suffer with lack of self-belief and are constantly asking themselves questions like, am I good enough, is my work good enough, will I be accepted, will I be criticised?

The answer is yes!

You will be criticised, and in some places you will not be accepted – but your work is good enough, you are good enough, but you have to have self-belief. The biggest downfall of creatives is as I said, lack of self-belief. So much so that there are millions of books that never get published, there are millions of fantastic scripts that never get written, there are amazing artists that never release their art, there are singers that won’t perform in public and there are thousands upon thousands of creative people all over the world that quit!All because of this lack of self belief…But there is an answer…Just believe in yourself and realise that all these doubts and fears and this lack of self-belief is what should drive you.

It is part of the process to weed out those of us that want success but aren’t ready to do what it takes. You are not alone in your lack of self-belief. The only difference between those whose art; whatever it may be, becomes successful and those who’s work goes unreleased or unnoticed, is the ability to turn that lack of self-belief into massive confidence in themselves. When we accept that all creatives suffer in the same way.

we can understand that it is our self-belief that is the only thing that holds us back from writing the next best seller, making the next BAFTA winning film, creating that piece of sculpture that will sit in the finest of galleries, writing the next worldwide hit or performing that song on stages across the world.Many creatives suffer thinking “why me?” “why do I suffer so?” Well I’ll tell you why – because it’s that suffering, that undeniable fear, that state of depression we so often get in, that gives us the fuel to create.

Through our fears, depressions and heartbreak comes our greatest work – embrace it and cultivate your self-belief; it is then you will find success.

Imagine if Michelangelo had said ”no I’m not painting that ceiling” or JK Rowling had listened to the many refusals and thrown Harry Potter in the bin? What if Paulo Coelho had stopped writing because his parents deemed him mad? What if Richard Branson had said “I cant get an office so i’ll give up” instead of running his business from a telephone box?All of these successful people had one thing in common, they had self-belief and believed in their work.

So believe in yourself, embrace the dark corners of your mind and the burred edges of your character and believe in yourself.

After all if you don’t, who will?…

Climb that Mountain…

This picture of me was took in the peak district in England. To me it really represents how life can be. It’s a hard climb sometimes and often fraught with obstacles but if you persist in your pursuit to the summit you will reach your goals.

No matter what metaphorical mountain your trying to climb in life be persistent. You may have to stop halfway, you may have to stop many times but never give in in the pursuit of your dreams. You will succeed if you just keep trying.  The highest mountains were not conquered the first attempt. It took many attempts to climb everest before someone finally reached the summit, but reach it they did.

Sometimes you will come to a complete dead end but it doesn’t mean failiure. I like to believe its life way of testing our resolve in our pursuit of our dreams.

Life wants us to be ready. Many climbers have fell short of their pursuit of the summit because they are ill prepared or ill informed but those that prepare well, research those that have trod the same path before succeed to see the glorious view from the top.

Don’t give in in the pursuit of your dreams, be persistent but be prepared.

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it…x

Living in the moment…

It’s a new day, the start of the rest of your life, a chance to put into practice what you have learnt from yesterday.

Look after today and tomorrow will look after itself.

There is no use chasing your yesterdays or your tomorrows the only true time we have is now, Right now! Chasing yesterday or waiting for tomorrow is a fruitless exercise.

What you have done yesterday is your lesson for today and what you do tomorrow is the direct result of what you did today.

Don’t go chasing time that has past or is yet to come, it is a fruitless exercise!

Embrace what is now. Enjoy the moment you are living in,it is the only time you really have. Enjoy it, relish in it, use it wisely and the seeds you plant today will be your fruits to harvest tomorrow.

Why is time the most precious commodity you have?

When time is spent it is spent. There are no refunds, you can not get it back.

Once a second has passed, it will never exist again.

Time is available in abundance, yet we all have so little of it to spend. Time, without doubt is the most precious commodity available to mankind. If you could bottle time and sell it, it would out value gold, precious stones, and even oil. If you could sell time, you would be the richest person on the planet. There is nothing more precious, yet we waste so much of it.

The trouble is, we only seem to measure time by what has gone and we think of time as infinite; something that will never run out. After the sun goes supernova and the planets are space dust, time will go on. It is the one thing that will never stop, whether anybody is around to measure it or not, the clock of the universe will forever tick.

Time only ever moves forwards, it cannot run backwards; only our minds can do that by reflecting on what has passed but we can never go back.

The question is then, why if we all know this, do we waste so much time?

Why do we so often try to live in the past?

We waste so much time when in reality, we have so little of it to spend. If time were money so many of us would be bankrupt; we invest in so many fruitless schemes and investments that bring no return. Time, if it were cold cash and tangible would be valued more than it ever is now. We would save our time for when we needed it most, we would invest it wisely, and we would spend it only on the most precious things in life. We would spend it on our children and loved ones and from time to time on ourselves in some indulgent fashion. Then there are those that would spend it so fast and without thought they would have empty accounts and the bailiffs would be knocking at their door within (excuse the pun,) no time at all.

Unfortunately, time is not cash and it is not tangible but still it is the most valuable commodity we have.

The trouble is unlike cash, so many of us view time as a never-ending resource, choosing to believe that we have an unlimited amount to spend when in reality we do not. Each and every one of us has an allotted amount of time. Now I don’t believe it is a pre-destined amount of time, I believe that the time we have can move like the ebb and flow of the tides and how much time we are allotted can change depending on how we choose to spend it.  If we spend our time wisely and invest it in our own bodies and lifestyles, we become healthier and our life expectancy (time) is longer. But because we are expected to live longer it doesn’t mean we will.

Many a fit and healthy person’s life has been cut short by the cruelty of life.

The ultimate truth is, none of us know how much time we actually have. Each one of us goes to bed at night not knowing if we will see the morning and each one of us wakes not knowing if we will see the setting of the sun. That is the truth of it.

Let’s say you did know how long your allotted piece of time was?

If you knew how many years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds you had, how would you spend it then?

Would you waste it as much as you do now? Would you spend it on the same things you spend it on now? Where would you place your investments of the time you have?

As every second passes, your little piece of allotted time gets shorter and shorter as the sands of life are blown away by the winds of time.

Sit for just a moment and think about that, it may be the best investment you will ever make of your time.

Once time has gone it can never be refunded, you can never relive that wasted moment.

Do not waste your precious time on past pain and hurts, do not invest your time in jealousies and hatred, do not throw good time after bad memories.

Invest your time wisely, invest your time in experiences, in your family, in yourself, invest it in discovery and adventure, invest it in love and kindness, invest it in fruitful endeavours that warrant a positive return, invest your time in amazing, positive future memories.

Invest your time carefully, become a stockbroker of time and reap the greatest rewards possible…

It is said that when we finally run out of time, our whole life passes before our eyes. What is it you would like to relive when your flame is extinguished for the final time?

Invest your time in that, for none of us know how much time we have to spend.

Why is time the most precious commodity you have?

Because once spent you can never have it back…

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How many times do I have to be tested?

“How many times do I have to be tested?” I often cry. “How many times do I have to be put through the burning flames of the forge? How many mistakes do I have to make? How many times do I have to fall down the slope and how many times do I have to slip back down the rungs of the ladder before I get it right?!”

Then I sit in silence and listen, for it is then that the answer comes. And it’s not the answer I want to hear it; it is the answer I need to hear. “As many times as it takes!”

Life is refining me because I want to better myself. I want to achieve something – to add purpose to my journey through life – and for this to happen I have to be refined. It’s no good trying to live a better life while making the same old mistakes and dead-end decisions. For my life to have purpose, for me to grow and move forwards, I have to be refined.

The old chunks of want, self-destruction, violence and greed have to be slowly filtered away in order to let the new me shine through. The trouble is that I, like many of us, want the process to be quicker. I want it and I want it now!

There is nothing wrong in wanting a better, more prosperous life, but we have to understand that change comes at a cost, and that cost is the process of being refined. It’s no good trying to move forward and to fit into the narrow spaces where success lies when chunks of our past lives are still sticking out, blocking our pathways to success.

The refining stage is hard, and it’s meant to be. It’s what takes away all our burrs and ridges of old and allows us to slip through into the narrow gaps of success. These gaps are very small and they have very smooth sides, so if any aspects of our old selves are sticking out we will be unable to smoothly fill the gaps and achieve the success we desire.

We are like finely made swords that have to be put into the forge again and again in order to make the metal stronger and more durable. The stronger the steel, the sharper the blade.

We have to understand the refining process. We have to welcome it in and embrace it. We have to learn from it, because it points out our flaws, enabling us to work on them and smooth them out. It’s not a short process, it’s a long process, and it’s meant to be. It is meant to filter out the weak; to separate those that don’t really want success from those that do.

Remember: If, like me, you’re in the refining process, stick with it. Look for the ridges, the burrs and the sharp edges and start smoothing them out, because the opportunities for success are plentiful but the gaps are narrow.

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How to win the inner war and stay in control

“The war is constant and the battles are daily, but I can never give up.” These are the words at the front of my book, The Twelve-Step Warrior. Someone asked me last week what the meaning behind them was. Who is the war against? Do you win every battle?

Let me explain. The war that is constant is the war against the other me, and this was particularly poignant during the early days of recovery.

I was fighting many addictions, the main one being alcoholism, and I felt like every day was a battle. I had to fight the urge to drink one day at a time. In fact, some days I had to fight them one hour, one minute, or even one second at a time. But I found that the older I got in sobriety, the more battles I would win.

I once asked an old stalwart of AA – a man who had been sober for fifty years – why I was in a constant battle. Was it always going to be like this?

His reply came back in a calm but strong, gruff voice: “Son, this isn’t a battle, it’s a war. And it’s constant; it will never stop.”

He continued: “Some days you will win all the battles and some days you will lose the battles. But never stop fighting, my son. Never give up!”

That day my life changed forever! I looked at things from a different perspective. I looked at myself as me and my other self as the addict. After this, I started to look at myself as a being that was split into two parts: two ‘me’s. One was the addict and the other was the new me; the person I wanted to be. I knew when I was drinking and when I was thinking about drinking it was stinking thinking, and I knew that was not the person I wanted to be.

This meant that when I acted on my temptations, whatever they may have been, the addict was holding more shares than I was. And this was preventing me from being the person I yearned to be.

I knew that when I thought like this, or gave into any kind of temptation, the addict side of me took more shares, and that the more shares the addict took the less of the me I wanted to be was left. When the addict held more shares, he also had more control over me. Just like in business, there would be a company takeover, and in this case the company in question was my mind, my body and my soul.

So with this in mind, every time temptation came along I would refuse to give in and I would win more shares back. I was retaking the company. The more I resisted, the more shares I gained, until eventually I was the major shareholder.

When I own the most shares, I am happy and active, and I achieve more than even I can believe, but when I give into temptation either with my mind, my body or my soul, those shares are again passed over to the other me.

What the old stalwart chap had installed in me was a battle plan: a way of keeping on top of the addiction; a way of keeping the real me in charge of the company.

I am mindful that sometimes the other me who, incidentally, is a sneaky fucker that lies in wait, still exists in the dark reassess of my mind. The other me waits, wanting me to slip up and wanting me to hand over my shares.

I do make mistakes. I’m not perfect, but while I know the other me sits in the darkness waiting, I am in a constant war, fighting battles on a daily basis to hold on to the shares I own.

Remember: Hold on to your shares. Hold the 99% stake in yourself, but never forget that the other you will always hold that 1% and will always pursue the other 99%.

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Who are the shepherds of light?

Sometimes we all succumb to the darkness. Darkness manifests itself in many different forms, but all of these forms bring with them pain, fear, heartbreak, anguish, anxiety and deep-seated sadness. Sometimes they even bring with them the pinnacle of all darkness: hate! All these feelings can and will, if fed, create procrastination.

Procrastination is a lack of drive born from self-loathing; the mother of hate. Procrastination is an underhand emotion that leads us to believe that the achievements we seek are far from our grasp. Its one aim is to steer us away from our goals and onto a path of failure. When procrastination takes root within the soul it eats away at our dreams and aspirations.

Procrastination feeds on our interests and slowly, one by one, takes them from us, leaving us as shadows of our former selves. A man whose life was once an expanding, living mini-universe fuelled by the drive and determination to achieve his goals suddenly becomes a desolate desert of loss and anguish. Gone are the great days of glory and success, and in their wake lays self-pity and heartbreak.

Recently I have experienced all of these emotions and have spent many dark nights in the company of procrastination, wallowing in self-pity and almost drowning in a sea of sadness. My days have been unproductive and my evenings have been shrouded in darkness. Fear and jealousy, along with hate and deep-rooted sadness, have been my associates.

Lately, when the shroud of blackness has fallen, I have let myself be drawn by the darkness into a paranoid world of self-loathing. My goals and aspirations have been thrown to one side to make way for procrastination.

Outside in the dark I sought my solitude in an alleyway next to my house. I had invited loneliness to become my friend once again. Sitting in the darkness of the alleyway, looking into its blackness, I would blame the world and everyone in it for the wretched despondency I was feeling. Each night I sat waiting for the answer; for a way out of the confusing mess I had got myself into.

One night, very recently, it came. When I sat in the institution of darkness in which I had imprisoned myself, I always sat looking into the darkness and at the end of it stood a cold, lifeless brick wall. Sick of counting out the bricks and staring into a soulless black tunnel capped by the daunting site of the wall, I turned.

And as I turned I noticed the streetlight shining majestically against the cold blackness of the sky. The street lamp lit up the night sky and acted as a beacon of hope against a backdrop of dark, rain-filled clouds. As I sat there, mesmerised by the light, the answer to my predicament came to me and, like a having a dark veil lifted from before my eyes, it filled me with hope.

I had for the previous few weeks been shrouded in a cloak of darkness and my nightly sojourn into the alleyway had taken me into the deceiving arms of self-loathing and procrastination.

Every night as I sat there manifesting my own and many others’ downfall I had been trapped in a tunnel of self-pity and fear, but this night I had come to realise what was taking me deeper into the abyss.

Instead of looking out into the light and finding the answers to my problems, I had been looking at the wrong end of this tunnel of disbelief and heartbreak. The whole time I had been courting the shadows; I had been seduced by the blackness that was causing me so much pain. I stood up and walked towards the light of the street lamp that had cut through the darkness and reignited my soul, and with it my inner belief.

The light at the end of the tunnel reminded me of some of the dark days of the past and how, in that past, my life had spiralled into a world full of darkness and pain. It reminded me never to look for answers in dark places, but instead to look for the places that harness the light.

Go to the people who shun the darkness and feed on the light. Cast aside the shadows cast by people who live in the seedy world of the night traveller and succumb to its offerings. These pleasures are merely short-lived fun and laughter that is lived out by those who build their lives on sugar pedestals, which will one day crumble and leave them lying in the dark, just as you once did.

Seek out those who will guide you towards the light. You will find these shepherds of light have also walked long and dark paths, and that they now wait for people like you and me to come calling. They wait in patience, knowing that you will arrive. They know the anguish you have felt, for they have felt it themselves. They wait like stonemasons with a tool and chisel, ready to carve you into a warrior of life. They have only one aim in life and that is to bring you out of the darkness and into the light.

Who are these shepherds that lie in wait for you to call?

They are the champions of the dark. They are men and women who have conquered their fears; who have been deep into the darkness, have come out the other side and are now constantly bathed in light.

They are those that inspire. They are trainers and coaches; writers and poets; scientists and teachers; movie makers and preachers. They are the people we want to be, the ones who have made it, and they are waiting for you to seek them out.

Remember: You need to turn around and look out of the darkness and into the light, for it is the light that holds the key to your happiness and success.

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