A Different Perspective.



A different perspective

Millions of years have passed since the attack started. They are everywhere. Our world is in chaos. They came up from the ground and invaded; stripping the planet of all its resources, killing anything that got in their way. Destruction is everywhere. The young barely have time to grow before they are used as sustenance and the old are destroyed without thought. Those who are in between fall from the constant onslaught.

We once lived without chaos – we lived in harmony – but since they arrived, nothing has been sacred. Nobody is untouched. Life once flourished, but now death is everywhere. We struggle to survive, when previously our only aim was to provide. Such is the extent of the devastation that some of our species are now extinct.

The loss of our kind is now entering a critical phase. We no longer roam free as we once did. We are fighting a chemical and concrete war; a war that we fear we cannot win. We are victims of the non-stop decimation of our planet. Fear of extinction is everywhere.

We are periodically taken away and chemically changed beyond our normal functionality. We have become experiments for the invaders that only benefit their kind. We are so weak now and our planet is dying.

The invaders see that we are all connected and that they are dependent on our survival for theirs, but they continue to invade and wipe out our kind day after day. When we are

gone they too will perish. They will share the same fate as us: a slow, agonising, suffocating death.

If only we could communicate with the invaders. If only we could show them that the progressive extinction of our people and our world will in fact herald the signing of their own death warrants. Deep down they know, but they do it anyway.

We are hardy and we will continue to rise up where possible. We will never give up the fight to redress the balance. If only they could understand us before it is too late. There could be hope, but alas, hope is all we have.

Why don’t these invaders realise the importance of balance?

We are nature. We are the green grass, the fields, the vegetation and the trees. We plead with our human invaders to listen, but as yet they have not. We fear that the end has already been created, but we live in hope.

Sometimes we can’t see the problem because we are looking at it from the wrong perspective. We have to reposition ourselves so that we can see the problem from another perspective. This prevents us from being so short-sighted and allows us to think more about how we can help others, and in what ways.

Remember: We don’t all see with the same eyes or think with the same mind.

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