The Centre of the Universe

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There was a time when I actually believed and acted like I was the centre of the universe; everything revolved around me! This was a time when all I thought about was myself; a selfish time and actually a time of pain and suffering.
It wasn’t until I realised that actually I was not the centre of the universe, that things started to change.
You see I’ve come to believe that there isn’t a centre of the universe at all, but only a shared universe where everything we do affects everyone and everything that shares it.
Since I’ve started to have faith in this new found belief, I’ve found myself having many, many more successes more often, in everything I do.
When we stop and take a look at ourselves and our lives and the lives of the people we share it, we see the cause and effect of our actions expanding out like the ripples from stones thrown into water. We see that as these ripples expand, they have a more far-reaching effect than we ever thought possible.
When we start to consider who these ripples touch and the effect of them, we start to consider our own actions more carefully. Things like good timekeeping become more important; as being late can have far-reaching effects on many different people and situations. That extra five minutes at the bar or taking the attitude of ‘they or it’ll wait’, could have a knock-on effect that could potentially ruin everything for someone on the outer limits of the ripple in the water we’ve just created.
Instead of thinking of ourselves as the be-all and end-all, we start to take into consideration how powerful our actions are and how powerful the effects of these actions can be. What starts out as a ripple in the water for you, could be a tidal wave for someone else.
Our planning of things becomes more accurate and more refined and even our work becomes more constructive and productive when we remove ourselves from the centre and understand we share the universe with everyone else.
In short, the less you are at the centre, the more you will achieve.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t put your own needs first, but what I am trying to point out is the way we think about and go about achieving our successes determines how successful we will be.
Don’t be selfless or selfish, just take a slight shift from the centre and of everything and look at how big your shared universe is.
Who will your actions affect and what effects will those actions cause?
By removing yourself from the centre, you will start to take more actions that have great effects and less actions that cause bad ones and the pain and suffering you may be experiencing will start to diminish.
The more you cultivate this kind of thinking, the more you will flourish and the more you flourish, the more successes you will have.




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