Start Living


When we are ill we are given medicine to feel better but some of us don’t take it and wonder why we still feel ill!
If your heart aches and your trapped in the darkness head towards the light. Get rid of all the crap that’s been dragging you down for years. It’s all bullshit! Stop feeding your dark side, stop people pleasing, stop making up shit excuses. Get up get off your arse and change it!
If your depressed and god knows I have been, change your routine. Change the way you think by doing different things.
If you have past hurts clogging up your heart. Then get that out of the darkness and into the light.
Tattoos, violence, cannabis, amphetamines, glue, alcohol, I did them all BEFORE I WAS EVEN A TEENAGER!!
Even before that I suffered!
But you got to cut that shit out, you got to exercise those dark memories and erase them from your life.
You’ve got to get up and get out there and live.
Chase your dreams, run In the fields, ride a bike with the wind in your hair, laugh, eat, climb a
Mountain, swim, roll down grassy green hills do what ever the fuck makes you happy and don’t care who’s watching or what anyone else thinks.
It’s your choice.


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