Self Investment.


How do you think when you spend your money?

Do you see it as a spending spree? An impulse buy? A treat?
Or do you see it as an investment in yourself?

When you invest in yourself you are telling yourself what you are worth.

What you spend your money when you spend it on yourself it on directly reflects on your thoughts and feelings at the time of spending.

You work hard for your money, you put in hours of labour, no matter what kind of work you do you earnt it and the money you accept for that work is a reflection of how you value yourself.

When you invest your money in someone else’s services or product how much you pay for that service or product is you telling them what they are worth and that you value their service or product.

Invest in yourself to your true value, make sure that what you pay for is a direct reflection of yours and your suppliers value to you.

Remember that when you but a product or service you are paying for the thou sounds of design ideas, the hours of hours that it took your provider to be able to provide the service or product. You are paying for hours and hours of hard work and the many failures it took to bring that service or product into fruition.

When you invest your hard earned money ask yourself:

Do I need this?
Do I want this?
Is it a reflection of my true value?

Is the product or service of the standard I deserve?

Often when we buy cheap it becomes an false economy. But a £9.99 iron and it will last a few weeks before the the cable curls. Invest in a well made iron that is made with attention to detail and to rugged standards it might cost a little more but it will last for ever… But be wary the most expensive product or service is not always the best.

Whatever you spend it on it should be classed as an investment. Whether it’s a product or service what you spend is an investment in you.

Here’s the best part…

People take care of money, they take care of products and they are generally mindful of what they spend their cash on but now think of it like this…

How you spend your thoughts, feelings and emotions, what you feed yourself and your loved ones, how you look after your health is the biggest kind of self investment there is.

So be careful how you spend these.

Invest your emotions on people who appreciate them, invest in quality food, invest in your health, invest in your happiness,
invest your love wisely.

Your health, happiness, emotional state and love are of value, you are of value, invest in yourself wisely.

Peter x

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