Creative People

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There are few things about creative people that creative people should know. Most people who are creative; writers, artists, singers, dancers, sculptors, song writers, filmmakers and a plethora of other creatives and that is that they suffer. They suffer with lack of self-belief and are constantly asking themselves questions like, am I good enough, is my work good enough, will I be accepted, will I be criticised?

The answer is yes!

You will be criticised, and in some places you will not be accepted – but your work is good enough, you are good enough, but you have to have self-belief. The biggest downfall of creatives is as I said, lack of self-belief. So much so that there are millions of books that never get published, there are millions of fantastic scripts that never get written, there are amazing artists that never release their art, there are singers that won’t perform in public and there are thousands upon thousands of creative people all over the world that quit!All because of this lack of self belief…But there is an answer…Just believe in yourself and realise that all these doubts and fears and this lack of self-belief is what should drive you.

It is part of the process to weed out those of us that want success but aren’t ready to do what it takes. You are not alone in your lack of self-belief. The only difference between those whose art; whatever it may be, becomes successful and those who’s work goes unreleased or unnoticed, is the ability to turn that lack of self-belief into massive confidence in themselves. When we accept that all creatives suffer in the same way.

we can understand that it is our self-belief that is the only thing that holds us back from writing the next best seller, making the next BAFTA winning film, creating that piece of sculpture that will sit in the finest of galleries, writing the next worldwide hit or performing that song on stages across the world.Many creatives suffer thinking “why me?” “why do I suffer so?” Well I’ll tell you why – because it’s that suffering, that undeniable fear, that state of depression we so often get in, that gives us the fuel to create.

Through our fears, depressions and heartbreak comes our greatest work – embrace it and cultivate your self-belief; it is then you will find success.

Imagine if Michelangelo had said ”no I’m not painting that ceiling” or JK Rowling had listened to the many refusals and thrown Harry Potter in the bin? What if Paulo Coelho had stopped writing because his parents deemed him mad? What if Richard Branson had said “I cant get an office so i’ll give up” instead of running his business from a telephone box?All of these successful people had one thing in common, they had self-belief and believed in their work.

So believe in yourself, embrace the dark corners of your mind and the burred edges of your character and believe in yourself.

After all if you don’t, who will?…

4 thoughts on “Creative People

  1. Very nice post Peter. Great to connect with you. Got to write. I get that. Got to do it despite the inner critic. I have a post going up tonight that has a lot of that inner negativity talk with it. But fuck it. It’s going up!


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