Climb that Mountain…

This picture of me was took in the peak district in England. To me it really represents how life can be. It’s a hard climb sometimes and often fraught with obstacles but if you persist in your pursuit to the summit you will reach your goals.

No matter what metaphorical mountain your trying to climb in life be persistent. You may have to stop halfway, you may have to stop many times but never give in in the pursuit of your dreams. You will succeed if you just keep trying.  The highest mountains were not conquered the first attempt. It took many attempts to climb everest before someone finally reached the summit, but reach it they did.

Sometimes you will come to a complete dead end but it doesn’t mean failiure. I like to believe its life way of testing our resolve in our pursuit of our dreams.

Life wants us to be ready. Many climbers have fell short of their pursuit of the summit because they are ill prepared or ill informed but those that prepare well, research those that have trod the same path before succeed to see the glorious view from the top.

Don’t give in in the pursuit of your dreams, be persistent but be prepared.

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it…x

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