Why is time the most precious commodity you have?

When time is spent it is spent. There are no refunds, you can not get it back.

Once a second has passed, it will never exist again.

Time is available in abundance, yet we all have so little of it to spend. Time, without doubt is the most precious commodity available to mankind. If you could bottle time and sell it, it would out value gold, precious stones, and even oil. If you could sell time, you would be the richest person on the planet. There is nothing more precious, yet we waste so much of it.

The trouble is, we only seem to measure time by what has gone and we think of time as infinite; something that will never run out. After the sun goes supernova and the planets are space dust, time will go on. It is the one thing that will never stop, whether anybody is around to measure it or not, the clock of the universe will forever tick.

Time only ever moves forwards, it cannot run backwards; only our minds can do that by reflecting on what has passed but we can never go back.

The question is then, why if we all know this, do we waste so much time?

Why do we so often try to live in the past?

We waste so much time when in reality, we have so little of it to spend. If time were money so many of us would be bankrupt; we invest in so many fruitless schemes and investments that bring no return. Time, if it were cold cash and tangible would be valued more than it ever is now. We would save our time for when we needed it most, we would invest it wisely, and we would spend it only on the most precious things in life. We would spend it on our children and loved ones and from time to time on ourselves in some indulgent fashion. Then there are those that would spend it so fast and without thought they would have empty accounts and the bailiffs would be knocking at their door within (excuse the pun,) no time at all.

Unfortunately, time is not cash and it is not tangible but still it is the most valuable commodity we have.

The trouble is unlike cash, so many of us view time as a never-ending resource, choosing to believe that we have an unlimited amount to spend when in reality we do not. Each and every one of us has an allotted amount of time. Now I don’t believe it is a pre-destined amount of time, I believe that the time we have can move like the ebb and flow of the tides and how much time we are allotted can change depending on how we choose to spend it.  If we spend our time wisely and invest it in our own bodies and lifestyles, we become healthier and our life expectancy (time) is longer. But because we are expected to live longer it doesn’t mean we will.

Many a fit and healthy person’s life has been cut short by the cruelty of life.

The ultimate truth is, none of us know how much time we actually have. Each one of us goes to bed at night not knowing if we will see the morning and each one of us wakes not knowing if we will see the setting of the sun. That is the truth of it.

Let’s say you did know how long your allotted piece of time was?

If you knew how many years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds you had, how would you spend it then?

Would you waste it as much as you do now? Would you spend it on the same things you spend it on now? Where would you place your investments of the time you have?

As every second passes, your little piece of allotted time gets shorter and shorter as the sands of life are blown away by the winds of time.

Sit for just a moment and think about that, it may be the best investment you will ever make of your time.

Once time has gone it can never be refunded, you can never relive that wasted moment.

Do not waste your precious time on past pain and hurts, do not invest your time in jealousies and hatred, do not throw good time after bad memories.

Invest your time wisely, invest your time in experiences, in your family, in yourself, invest it in discovery and adventure, invest it in love and kindness, invest it in fruitful endeavours that warrant a positive return, invest your time in amazing, positive future memories.

Invest your time carefully, become a stockbroker of time and reap the greatest rewards possible…

It is said that when we finally run out of time, our whole life passes before our eyes. What is it you would like to relive when your flame is extinguished for the final time?

Invest your time in that, for none of us know how much time we have to spend.

Why is time the most precious commodity you have?

Because once spent you can never have it back…

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