In My life I there have been many times where I have been lost, Literally lost as well as mentally lost. I have seen hard times that have come in many guises. Financial, emotional, physical and mental but always I have scraped through. Somehow I have survived hard times, testing times, times where i have lost all faith in my fellow-man and also in myself but Still i am here.

One of the many things that have got me through are the angels I have encountered. Always at the most testing times someone has appeared out of seemingly nowhere to guide me onto a better path. Sometimes its been a simple gesture or piece of advice that has come at the exact moment I have needed it and sometimes it has come in the form of those that whilst not seeming to help me have.

When I wrote my best-selling book the twelve step warrior although not directly pointed out I have accounted many such people. When I was a small boy, only seven years old ( chapter three,  The Twelve Step Warrior), I was subjected to the most vile of acts. Something that changed my world forever. I remember that very night after that ordeal praying to anyone who was listening for help, asking for protection that it would never happen to me again. a few years later someone attempted to enact that same vile act. This time instead of them succeeding a close friend turned up out of the blue and stopped my attacker in his tracks.

When I was 10 years old I came home to an empty house, there was no electricity and the heating was off, I remember my mother was staying at my brother’s house in Leicester. I didn’t know the address but I knew the general area. I ran to the bus stop , it was close to 11.00pm and dark. I had to pass through the cemetary to get to the stop, afraid I stood at the gates and prayed for courage then ran as fast as I could and made it safely to the authorised. When the last bus arrived I asked for a ticket to Leicester but I was short on cash. the driver looked at me and then said its ok I can ride for free. I sat behind the driver and he asked me where I was going so late at night and I told him my story. He passed me a can of drink from his lunch box and told me where to get off. Arriving in Leicester he called over another bus driver and asked him to drop me in the are I asked. This driver asked who I was going to see I told Him it was my brother’s house and he had just moved into the area  but I didn’t know the name of the street. He asked my brother’s name, I told him it was James and his girlfriends name was Bev. He said Well isn’t that funny as I live of saffron lane and the people across from my house have just moved in and there names are James and Bev. He dropped me at the end of the road and pointed out the house. It was my brother’s house and there I found my mother.

A few  years later when I was 13 years old I was stranded a 100 miles away from home, it was getting dark and I was walking down what seemed an endless road, it was getting dark, all my young life I was afraid of the dark and the feeling of fear was creeping through my veins at the thought of being alone on the open road. I prayed again and asked for help. Five minutes past when a truck past, the truck was owned by a company from my home town of Loughborough in Leicestershire, Uk. The truck slowed down and stopped, the door swung open and I ran towards it. Inside sat a kind faced man, he asked me where I was going and I told Him I was going to Loughborough. The man said you’re in Luck so am I and offered to take me home. As I sat in the truck wary but grateful the man asked me if I believed in God I said I do now! The man told me he was a member of the salvation army and said it was his duty to look after anyone who was in need of help. My prayers had been answered.

When I was 15 years old I remember one night I had missed the last bus home from Nottingham , I was sat on a bench, it was winter and the night was cold, I didn’t know what to do next and again I looked up and asked for help. Moments later two twenty something girls came out of a bar and crossed the road towards me to get a taxi, one of the girls asked me if I was ok. I told her i had missed my bus and that I couldn’t get home to Loughborough. She told me you’re in luck that’s where we are going get in.

These are just a few occasions I have been guided by total strangers, Angels?

Later on in life and still until this day people come into my life at times when I think all may be lost, messengers, advisors, guides, all to me are angels.

These experiences have taught me many things but one of the most important things they have taught me is that not only do angels exist in the guise of many different people but also that if we learn to recognise these angels we can become one too.

We are all angels in disguise to someone out there in the world we just have to listen to our hearts and our inner whispers and act when others need our help. No matter how small the act of kindness, no matter what small piece of action we take, that action can change a life,give hope to a lonely soul, and even save a life.

Be an Angel to those in need, for we never know when we may need one ourselves.

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