Five Steps To Achieving Your Dreams.

We all have dreams and goals but how do we achieve them?

What can seem like just a distance dream can often become reality but what are the five essentials needed to achieve our dreams?

Lets take a look at the five most essential things you need to have in place to make your dreams a reality.

Set a long-term goal.

Your Dream whether its lifestyle, business or achievement must be the long-term goal you are heading for. Whatever your goal is, write it down and display it somewhere you can see it everyday. Writing down your long-term goals will help you gather perspective. It will help you realise just what is needed to achieve it and in turn a pathway to your long-term goal will appear. Before you reach your long-term goal there will be many short-term goals you will have to achieve to make your long-term goal a reality so be SMART.  make your goals – Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic -Timed.

What is it exactly that I want to achieve?

How do I know whether I’m getting closer to my goals or further way?

Is my long-term goal achievable? ( by the way anything is possible if you believe it is)

Is it possible to achieve my long-term goal ( yes it is)

When do I want to achieve my goal by?


Getting your mindset right is essential. Often the biggest killer of dreams is not having the right mindset before you start out on the journey to achieving your dreams. Understand that mindset is key to achieving whatever it is you want to achieve. Focus is the key. You have to constantly remind yourself why it is you are doing what you are doing on a daily basis, sometimes hourly if needs be but whatever you do, do not lose focus of why you are doing what you are doing.

There are many ways which you can build tenacity. Myself I used martial arts as a way of building up a tenacious appetite. I trained hard and ate well, I got my sleeping pattern in order and I always reminded myself that the training I was doing was a stepping stone to my long-term goal.

If I could get up at 6.00am on a daily basis and hit the dojo or gym and do a training session that scared the shit out of me then surely writing would be easy in comparison. Not only did it keep me fit and enable me to defend myself should the need arise but it gave a hardy mindset and a solid foundation to build on.

Be prepared to work long and hard.

Achieving your dreams is no easy task and if it is your probably not dreaming big enough. For instance if you want to be a chef be a chef but why be a chef in the local cafe when you can be a chef on a cruise ship sailing the world? if you want to be mechanic don’t aim to work in the local garage when you could work on formula one cars. Why get up and go to work at the local gym when you could have your own name above the door?

Whatever it is you want to achieve THINK BIG!

Like anything we want in life that is worth it, it is going to take time and effort to achieve it. Time you think you don’t have and effort like you’ve never made before!  There will be times when you feel like giving up and there will be times when you think achieving your long-term goal isn’t possible and there will be people who tell you you are stupid to even try. whatever you do DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.  

When you get these feelings, which you will, many many times just remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing and how it will benefit you in the long run.

One of the biggest excuses I hear is, I don’t have the time! BULLSHIT! 

If you want it bad enough you’ll make time. I once thought the same until that is that I went bed an hour later and got up an hour earlier.

That’s an extra 2 hours a day. 14 hours a week. 56 hours a month and a total of 672 hours a year. 

Imagine if you gave it 4 hours a day or even 8!

Put the hours in, do the work and you will not fail!


Whatever your long-term goal is give it value. Make sure that your goal is valuable to you, make sure it is worth reaching, make sure that when you get there its been worth the effort. If you value your goal you will protect it and future it. who would want to work  3, 5, or even 10 years to obtain their goal and when they did they found out it wasn’t really worth all the time and effort they had put in to it.

Time, effort and hard work will add value to your goal. Believe me when you getting up at stupid O’clock in the morning and sometimes only getting three hours sleep a night if you don’t value you what it is you are trying to achieve you will fail within a week.

Focusing on the value of your long-term goal and what it will mean to you when you achieve it will spur you on and fuel your journey.

VALUE your long-term goals.

Enjoy the Journey.

Sure there’s gonna be days when you want to throw in the towel and more often than not you will question why you are even doing what you are doing, but hey do it anyway right!

One thing is for sure if you choose something that you truly love, something that excites you, something that you can’t wait to get back to doing the journeys gonna be a whole lot more enjoyable.

If you love what you are setting out to achieve it will never seem like a task, it will like I’ve said be hard but and it will take time but if you love what it is you’re doing it will never feel like a task.

The journey should be adventurous, it should scare the shit out of you and make you nervous. it should be fun and contain laughter and more than likely a few tears but you will learn far more from the journey than the destination and finally when your long term goal is achieved you will have hundreds and hopefully thousands of memories to look back on and the feeling of achievement will be ten, twenty maybe even a hundred fold than when you initially set out.

If I could only give you one piece of advice about achieving your dreams it’s this…START NOW!

Peter x

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