Routines, habits and addictions. We all

Routines, habits and addictions.

We all have them. Some good some bad.

The secret is to enhance the good ones and slay the bad ones.

Routines are the things we do on a daily basis, get up, shower, get dressed our morning cup of coffee, get the kids ready for school, go to work etc etc.

What you’ve got to ask yourself about routines are 1. Are they productive? 2. Are they positive? 3. Do they add value to our lives? If so carry on. If not its time for a change.

Habits are the things we do without really noticing them mainly associated with doing things that are detrimental to our physical or mental health or our social lives. These kind of habits must be changed in order for us to make way for the good habits to form; eating well, exercise, social interaction etc for us to promote good habits we need to first recognise our bad ones. You can normally do this by just sitting and thinking about what it is we do that we are not entirely happy with and then form a plan of action to do these things deifferently or not at all. When the bad habits are out of the way it allows are good habits to shine.

Addictions, if you think you haven’t got one think again! again sit quietly and do something you may not normally do like read a book and see what calls out to you.
it could be the lure of social media, the urge to smoke or drink or even eat to much. whatever your addiction is its normally classed as an addiction because no matter how much you try you THINK you this is something you can not live without when in fact its the one things thats stopping you from living at all. When we are trapped in our addictions we yearn to be able to live and do things differently but the addiction forever calls us back.
If we start my changing our routines and form good habits are addictions will crumble.

Take time out today and sit quietly and ask yourself.

1. do I have a good routine?
2. What are my bad habits?
3.what is my addiction?

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