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Are you consistent?
The answer may be yes but are you consistent in a way that is pushing you towards your goals or away from them?
Doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result is surely a sign of madness!
Whenever we do something consistently, we will cultivate results. Those results can either be pushing us forwards or be sending us backwards. There is no middle ground.
Let’s say for instance your chosen career path is to be a writer. You want to write for a living and you want to be paid for that writing. Ask yourself this one question. Am I consistent?
To be a great writer you have to be consistently writing. You have to be writing on a daily basis to be able to develop your writing prowess. It’s no good writing once a week or once a month and expecting to get any better at it, you won’t. Writing is an art form that only improves by consistently writing. It’s the same as any other career path, hobby or skill you want to develop. For instance, you might want to train to be a great athlete. Whatever it is you choose you want to be great at, you will not be great without being consistent.
Consistency is key.
Take a look at the greatest achievers in any area and look at what it is that they do to become truly great in their fields. You can bet your bottom dollar that one thing is consistency. The world’s greatest athletes are consistently training, they are consistently eating the correct diets, and they have consistent sleeping patterns, training routines and schedules. Without consistency they become nothing. A world class athlete will not stay world class if they start to be inconsistent.
An athlete who trains five times a week for years will not be the same athlete if they skip meals, they miss training sessions or stay up partying to the early hours. How many times have you seen great athletes fall from grace because they haven’t trained, eaten healthily or lived a lifestyle that is consistent with their successful routines?
There are countless books laying unwritten, millions of ideas unrealised and eons of hours wasted because the creators of potentially great things have become inconsistent in the area that was pushing them towards fantastic achievements in exchange for being consistent in the things that took them further away from achieving their aims and goals.
Consistency works both ways. If you are a consistent procrastinator nothing will ever materialize. If you are consistently late, people will stop inviting you. If you are consistently ignorant, you will lose friends. If you are consistent in your inconsistency, dreams will be lost, goals will never be reached and your aspirations will forever be drifting further away.

Be consistent in the things that push you towards your goals and dreams, not the ones that take you further away from them

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