Our worlds constantly change. You experience both good and bad. What matters is how we react to those changes. We sometimes choose to stay still and stay in the past whilst everyone around us moves on. Don’t sit and let the world change whilst you stay the same. Embrace the change and seek out the benefits of that change.
Whilst you may think this is an impossibility it isn’t, it’s a choice. Granted sometimes it is an unconscious choice – but still a choice.
When we meditate (pray) and become more entwined with our inner consciousness we become more aware of our unconscious choices. This allows us to identify them quickly and change them. Inner healing comes from being in tune with your inner consciousness. Cultivate your awareness of this and learn to make the changes required quicker, with less pain and more ease. Never try and combat pain with pain or hate with hate, face your adversities with love.
Love is pure, the more love you cultivate the more love will gravitate towards you.

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